New Zealand

Hello Rotary members,
As is the custom on the 5th Monday of the month, we’re planning the next Guess Who’s coming to Dinner event. This will happen next on Monday, 30th August. 
These evenings are great fun. They’re a great way to better get to know other members and enjoy each other’s company in a relaxed and homely setting. Guests will be allocated to a host a few days before and host will contact you with address and details of time to arrive

To date I have 3 hosts. Hosts provide a venue, meal, and ambience along with stimulating conversation and laughter. Guests pay $25 pp into a bank account ( yet to be notified )for a worthy cause decided by Cromwell Rotary Board members, and a bottle of wine to share over dinner. 

Please reply to me if you are keen to host OR attend the next GWCTD event. We need both, to make these evenings the success of previous dinners. Partners are encouraged and non members will need to ‘register ‘ separately for confirmation of numbers. Any food allergies or requirements are also essential for host preparation. Looking forward to hearing from you