On Monday 18th members visited The Cromwell Youth Trust and enjoyed a delicious poke bowl dinner from Matsui Sushi.

Cromwell Youth Trust manager Geoff Owen who is new in the role spoke to the club about the job.

Geoff became a police officer when he first left studying and worked for the police for almost 20 years, before moving into more administrative roles.
He has always been actively involved in his own childrens’ activities, both coaching and mentoring.

He is passionate about the need for the youth trust in the community. “It’s filling a role. It’s there to support our school and support our college and help transition our youths to be in the best space they can be. We aim to be a community where young people are vibrant and optimistic through being encouraged and supported to take up challenges.”

The team at Cromwell Youth Trust is made up of a professional counsellor, a social worker in schools, three youth coach/mentors, and of course, Geoff.

The Hangout Youth Centre provides an after-school drop-in safe space for young people

He said the counsellor helps youths through tough times and gives them coping strategies, the social worker in schools is another listening ear and specifically helps in the transition from school to college, and youth coaches/mentors are more involved in practical activities, while also offering a safe space for young people to talk. “It’s another adult who engages at an activity level to engage local youth.”

In addition to holiday programmes, youth mentors also run Te Toki o te Ara Tutuki - a group-based mentoring and adventure-based programme.

Thank you very much Doreen for putting together another great food and visit combination.