Out latest vocational visit was to the Cromwell Brew School at the Otago Polytech as part of our monthly programme of visits to businesses in and around Cromwell. 

During the evening we heard from brewer Geoff Collier about the development of the brewery school and its significance within the Polytechnic teaching environment.  The Otago Brew School is the only full-time brew school in the country.  This is its first year of operation and its small initial class of students from across the country all aim to eventually work in the brewery industry.  The students spend two days a week on practical skills and two on theory as they build their knowledge of all things to do with brewing beer.  They also have the chance to do two 2-week placements during the year.  Already this year one student has completed a placement at the Heineken Brewery in the Solomon Islands.  

Surrounded by gear imported from China and Slovakia, Rotarians heard that the aim is eventually that the Brew School will become a recognised brewery - with a tasting room for visitors definitely on the agenda.

We then headed to The Stoaker Room who have their 'Ne Plus Ultra' brew on tap for refreshments and a bite to eat.