The Rotary Club of Rowville-Lysterfield in Melbourne, has conducted a series of twice yearly Business Breakfasts for the past ten years or so, attracting high profile speakers and supporting many worthy causes, both Rotary and non-Rotary. Naturally, with the current pandemic, face to face events are not possible, so they have turned to the digital medium to stage their event. 
They have secured the services of the Hollywood actor, Sam Neill who has agreed to donate his services for a 45 minute Q & A session at 7.30am AEST on Friday 19th June at our first ever 'Zoom SHOW-Business Breakfast.'  They are charging $25  (AUST) to 'attend' by zoom webinar and will cover a range of topics about his life and interests. Proceeds will be going to support charities of Sam's choice, specifically devoted to supporting out of work entertainers and actors in Aus and NZ, as he has expressed a great concern for this section of our respective communities especially in regards to their current social and mental welfare.
The Rotary Club of Rowville-Lysterfield usually give a bottle of wine or similar to their speakers but as this has its issues (with the distance and Sam producing his own wine) they have asked us if they could present Sam with an Honorary membership to our club. This is of no ongoing cost to our club and may have some benefits in the future. Sign up to support them and watch - details below