RYLA  - Rotary Young Leaders Awards - we need to start now!
The next RYLA Camp is to be held in Queenstown on January 29th to February 3rd, 2021. 
Cost is $900pp. 
Age is 20-29years.
Applications close 20 December 2020.
COVID-19:  RYLA will continue to run during Alert Levels 1-2 only.
COVID-19 Cancellation Policy:  Clubs who have paid before 20th December will be fully refunded if the event is cancelled. Payments after this date may be subject to a partial refund only if course deposits have been paid to suppliers and are lost or not refunded due to COVID19 disruptions. 
The success of this Rotary programme depends on you.  Last year was a huge success with positive feedback and outcomes for the 28 RYLAians who participated.  But not every Club participated , in fact less than half did. The aim is make the 2021 camp bigger and better, and the RYLA committee needs your to help to achieve this and it also means EVERY Club needs to participate.  A lot of planning, time and resources goes in to organising RYLA, so please get in behind this programme and start your search for nominees now. 
Corporate Sponsorship - It's a no-brainer!
I am really encouraging Clubs to seek Corporate sponsorship. This will help take some of the financial pressure away from your Club and can allow you to put through more than 1 nominee.  This means that you can give this amazing opportunity to more young leaders and how awesome is that!  Its easy to do and I have included information for you to hand out or email to your local business owners, corporate's and industry related employers.  RYLA is perfect for apprentices and rising stars within the workplace and comparatively to other leadership courses, it is very competitively placed for price and content.  If you get any queries from this sector and need me to explain further, you can give them my contact information.
What happens on RYLA?  -  put it this way, if you knew, you would want to go on RYLA!
RYLA an intensive 5 day, live-in camp where no 2 days are the same.  Participants don't know often till the last minute what they will be doing and sometimes the Programme is not what they think it is with surprises around every corner.  This is to keep them on their toes and sometimes  (often) takes them out of their comfort zone. Activities, group discussions and challenges will test and often push them to the limit. Well known, professional public speakers, and coaches will inform, inspire and motivate them.  Oh and also, the food is amazing!
Online applications - Making everything easy
The following is the direct link candidates can use to make an on-line application. You can copy and paste this into emails if you are emailing potential nominees and they can then go straight in and apply.  These applications are sent directly to me and I can let you know if anyone does this.  
They can also find everything they need to know and all the forms to download on the District website.  You can also copy and paste this to them in an email)
So, what happens next?
Once a suitable and qualifying candidate has been identified, you need to ensure they have completed either an online application or have downloaded one from the website.  
Next the club will need to interview them to ensure they are suitable.  Once we have received all the necessary paperwork and payment, your job is done, for now.....
After RYLA - and this is important
KEEP IN TOUCH WITH THEM.  After RYLA it is so important to get in touch with your RYLAian and invite them back to your club to present on their experience.  There are many other things you can do like inviting them to join Rotaract (if your Club or town has one), or better still, to join your Club.  They are also a great untapped resource of energy for any projects you have going on or have  coming up, especially anything environmental.  They love that. Continue their growth by inviting them along to hear interesting speakers.  There are many options but the most important thing to do is keep them engaged in Rotary.
Lastly...     Lets all be amazing!
It would be amazing if every Club put through 2 candidates each... or more!! Last year one of the Invercargill Clubs had 6, other had 5.  Some Clubs generously paid for another Clubs candidate as they couldn't find anyone or had extra funding for more than they could find. And this is what I love about Rotary and it would be fantastic to have this happen again.
So, thanks everyone. Contact me anytime if you need help or have questions.
Together we can make 2021 the best camp ever and give more amazing young people this life-changing opportunity.
Yours in Rotary
Lee-Ann Lines
D9980 RYLA Chair
Ph 02134350