A huge thank you to all those Rotarians and friends who came together at the Bowling Club to make another fantastic book sale happen. We raised just over $18,000 which will be a great help for Cromwell Plunket and other community projects.
The decision to open the venue for 3 full days from Friday through to Sunday seemed to work very well as people continued to come and go in a steady stream throughout the whole weekend
We are always grateful for the donations of books and other things that are essential to making this sale such a success. But if you could help the team of volunteers who manage this event by spreading the word that only quality books, magazines etc should be dropped to the book exchange container at Freeway, that will be appreciated.
We get fantastic feedback on the quality of the merchandise at our sale but have real difficulty dealing with the large quantities of rubbish books that unfortunately are often dropped off to us too. This is a delicate subject because we really do appreciate the donations but is very helpful advice you can pass on to anyone who asks about making donations. Thank you.
Thank you very much also for the support and generosity given by many Cromwell organisations and businesses too. This help and support is greatly appreciated. The next sale will be held in mid-January 2023.