Posted on Aug 12, 2019

Helping high schools build student leaders who support junior students.

The Peer Support Programme offers secondary schools the opportunity to provide new entrants to secondary school a structured introduction to school under the guidance of senior students who are trained as leaders.
•Helps students beginning high school build self confidence & resilience
•Develops leadership qualities In year 13 students
•Equips teachers with skills to relate better with their students
•The Peer Support programme introduced to New Zealand schools was based on a programme developed in Australia by Elizabeth Campbell.  In 1972 she developed a programme to foster more positive and trusting relationships among students. While at first the programme gained little attention from other schools and authorities, after more than a decade it was noticed by local Rotary clubs.
•Rotary has been involved with Peer Support since 1985 when it sponsored the programme into New Zealand schools. Three trusts with support from Rotary District Committees promoted the programme throughout the six Rotary Districts. These trusts were replaced by a single national trust. The main focus of its work has been on supporting teacher trainer consultants and on promoting the programme in schools.