With many hours spent preparing the area and planting natives at Richards Beach, under the guidance of Fin & his team, the addition of a seat to sit and enjoy the area is welcome by many. 
The seat has been donated by Cromwell Rotary’s Honorary Life Member, Andrew Burton, a previous president of the Cromwell Rotary Club. Andrew travelled to Vancouver, Canada, and noticed the city was filled with places to stop and rest while taking a walk. This inspired him to come home and arrange a seating around Cromwell.
The MenzShed have played an instrumental role in ensuring the macrocarpa bench seat is well built and secured into its final place, overlooking Lake Dunstan.
Rotary Point was chosen as an ideal place to erect a seat, due to Andrew being the president of Cromwell Rotary Club in 2017/18. It was during his time as president, that the Rotary International president put out a challenge for each club to plant 55 trees, Cromwell Rotary planted 400.