Posted on Jul 29, 2019

Rotary Give Every Child A Future is a Rotary Australasia centenary project to save lives by vaccinating 100,000 children across nine Pacific Island countries against three diseases and to establish sustainable vaccination programs in each country.
PROJECT VISION - ‘To prevent cervical cancer and save the lives of children in the Pacific’
More women die from cervical cancer in Pacific Island countries than in New Zealand or Australia and, in parts of the Pacific, nearly 1 in 16 children die before their 5th birthday from vaccine preventable diseases. We’re going to stop that!
To celebrate 100 years of Rotary in Australia and New Zealand, we’ve teamed up with UNICEF to give life-saving vaccines to 100,000 children across the Pacific. Rotary Give Every Child A Future is a sustainable project that will ensure generations of children and women are protected against cervical cancer, rotavirus and pneumococcal disease.

In partnership with UNICEF, Rotary will develop and implement immunisation programs that will deliver three vaccines to children across nine Pacific Island countries. Working with these countries governments we will ensure the programs are sustainable, protecting families for generations to come. 

WHY NOW? - In 2021 Rotary International in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific will be 100 years old following the establishment in 1921 of Rotary Clubs in Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland and Wellington. The Rotary Give Every Child A Future project will celebrate 100 years of service to communities across Australasia and demonstrate that Rotary remains relevant in today’s world. 
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