The World's First 100% Electric, Zero Fossil Fuel Orchard.

Thank you to Orchard Manager, Euan White who enlightened the good number of Rotarians on this cutting edge business in our region. 
We learned that Forest Lodge Orchard is a 6-hectare, high-density cherry orchard that operates without burning fossil fuels.
They believe they are the first commercial food grower in the world to achieve this goal. Everything from irrigation, frost fighting, vehicles and even NZ's first electric tractor are powered through New Zealand's highly renewable grid and through their own power that is generated and stored using an extensive solar and battery array.
Forest Lodge is a six-hectare cherry orchard with just over 9300 cherry trees that uses close to 100MWh of power a year to run everything on the farm.
If you missed this fascinating visit and are interested in know more about the project then check out their website 
No fossil fuels means the latest in electrification technology, sourced from around the world and some fine kiwi-ingenuity to fill the remaining gaps. In total, they have electrified 20 machines across the house and farm.
Doreen and Rebecca test drove the electric tractor.