Bruce Potter
In a last minute change of speaker, Bruce Potter was asked by President Bernie to tell Club members his story.  What a treat was in store for us!
Bruce is used to entertaining children, encouraging their imaginations by Doodling.  Bruce has always Doodled, when ideas pop up, and he worked as a NZ Freelance Caricaturer, but he found there was only enough work for ½ hour per day.  So he took took up Karate, becoming National 18 Total Champion.  Retiring in 2019 with severe arthritis in all his joints coincided with home schooling of his son, teaching Karate to both him and his twin sister, and then his eldest son.
He and Duncan Anderson from Alexandra formed Musical Theatre and they have made 56 performances in 17 Shows including Jesus Christ Superstar.  Recently they have bought the rights to Les Miserables, which will be performed in the Clyde Memorial Hall.
Bruce has written several Doodle books, and has painted scenes of Central Otago on a 56M long Mural in the Clyde underpass.  He has recently set up a Dojo in Alexandra, with 60 people currently training.  His philosophy is to enjoy what you do, keep going, and learn from your mistakes and failures.
After questions, Stuart asked Bruce if he could give us ‘a teaser for Les Mis’ and Bruce obliged. His singing ‘Bring Him Home’ left us spellbound – and waiting for the Musical Theatre production at Clyde.