Friday, 1st July marked the start of Beer and Pie July 2022 with eager pie lovers swarming to Sanga’s Pies for their first pie of the month. Rotarians were keen to get their hands wrapped around one of the delicious flavours of pies on offer and a merry little get-together was enjoyed too. The cold winter night was made so much better with pastry flakes and bubbles from beer. Thirty-one different flavoured pies for the month of July is Alan Lloyd’s goal, and so far, he’s nailing it. He’s done it before, he’s passionate about it, and he knows his pies and where to get the best. Even his pie graph is worth a gander. Rotarians are planning on re-visiting Sanga’s Pies halfway through the challenge on Monday, 15th July, thanks to a warm invitation extended from both Chris and Rob Sangster, who are keen supporters of the fund-raising event. There is no limit on your imagination during the challenge with shepherds, cottage, fruit, traditional, fish or even a good pastie all making the grade when it comes to choosing your pie of the day. If you haven’t signed up yet, you’ll be late, but better late than never, get involved and put your name down.