As I mentioned during my 5 minute talk at Rotary this week, it would be great to see some of you join me this year and take up Radio Hauraki’s Beer and Pie July challenge.  Not an official club activity of course but a fun thing to do during the Winter.
There is no need to document it or in fact be 100% accurate with a beer and a pie every one of the 31 days (as I have done) but it’s good fun to give it a try and it makes a good talking point at work or home.  You may be surprised at the vast variety of beers and pies around and the improved quality.
And it can be your variation on it if you opt for a ginger beer or other beverage to accompany the pie.  Oh, and if you have a bacon and egg pie for breakfast, maybe hold off on the beer until later in the day.
There are only two weeks left to get in some training and to let me know if you are going to share the challenge and have some fun with it.
Check out the Radio Hauraki website next week when they launch the 2021 Beer and Pie July Package.
I look forward to hearing from you.