The 26th 4WD tour was successful in that a full compliment of 44 vehicles negotiated the course. There was a moment of panic when the 2nd vehicle in the line stalled itself in a seriously flowing Fraser River!! Rather fortunately it was able to extract itself. The weather could have been better, but some thought a flurry of snow flakes at the Leaning Rock was a highlight.
The Club is most appreciative of the generosity of the land owners of Northburn & Earnscleugh stations who gave us access. Tony Jack of Pioneer Generation was exceptionally helpful with his information and generous with his time. Denis McEntyre opened the gates at the Clyde Dam and allowed us to cross.
Several club members made major contributions. In particular Richard Broadhead for organising the advertising and processing the registrations. Bill Wilson for his past experience and advice as well as acting "Tail End Charlie". His co-pilot Bill Eade had the task of shutting some 24 gates. Richard and Paula Jackson were the medical crew. Fortunately their services weren't required. John Wekking was the photographer. 
And a big THANKS must go to the BBQ crew of Nick Wood, Fin White and Grant Lunn who presented a fine selection of sausages, patties and drinks.
There was no objection to the $120 fee per vehicle. Some $5,00 was raised.
Gordon Stewart.