A group of people from Rural Women, Cromwell Lake Dunstan Lions, and Cromwell Rotary are collaborating with the K9 Medical detection unit to raise funds to support the training of a new dog to detect Ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer is a deadly threat to women,with 1 person dying of this disease every 48 hours in New Zealand.
K9 Medical Detection New Zealand uses specially trained dogs working in a controlled clinical environment to assist in the detection of cancer and other diseases. Cancers detected at an early stage are more likely to be treated successfully. Starting the treatment while the cancer is small and confined greatly improves the survival rate. While we have sophisticated laboratory diagnostic tests for many cancers, some cancers a) have no screening b) are difficult to detect and c) get diagnosed at a late stage. 
Many diseases and disease-causing agents give off volatiles (odours).  An alternative to physical screening techniques is the use of medical detection dogs to identify these compounds  released from tumours. By training dogs to detect these specific odours it is possible to minimise the spread of the disease and identify at-risk patients sooner. This enables earlier commencement of treatment, potentially leading to improved patient outcomes. 
K9 Medical Detection New Zealand has a large training facility in Dunedin. Specifically designed scent detection equipment is used for their genetically selected working dogs.
Please come along and support this very worthwhile cause at an informative and entertaining evening at the Bannockburn Hall on 31st July. Not only will you hear about the life saving work these dogs are doing from the founder of the programme,  but will be amazed by the range of  skills of local dog trainer Gary Wulff and entertainered by the up and coming duo of local brother and sister Janie and Tim Shaw who recently released their debut album Ellipsis.
Tickets available from The Gate Information Centre and are only $15pp for a great night out.
The proceeds from the Rotary House and Garden Tour  this year will also be supporting the K9 Medical Dection Dogs. Save the Date - October 30th 2021.