Contact: Fin White
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Richards Beach
New Zealand

Working day at Rotary Point, Saturday the 14th of August from 0900.  

We will need at least 4 people with wheel barrows and shovels to move crushed bark, 2 with rakes and at least 4-5 with gloves to shift branches. All will need ear muffs [noise protection from a chain saw] at some stage. We will be cutting up fire wood so if you have a hand log splitter bring that along too. With that number of people we will be finished by lunch time. This is to have the area cleaned up so we can move in with a large wood chipper to chip branches so the area is ready to plant trees and shrubs. The crushed bark is going to be used to continue forming a path which will meander through the planted area [no broken ankles as the surface is very rough].

Fin White , Project lead.