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New Zealand

On the 17th of August we have organised a vocational visit to Shoes Unlimited where Paddy and Paula will discuss with us how this business came about, some highs and lows they have experienced so far and where they see the business in the future.  

Added bonus - if we see a pair of shoes that we decide are a must have I am sure Paddy and Paula will be willing to sell them to us!

Meet at Shoes Unlimited at 5:45pm Monday the 17th.    Partners welcome.

For a meal and socialising we have arranged for Monsoon to open for us (they are normally closed on Mondays).    They have prepared a set menu for us with some of everything being provided to each table so we can taste a number of dishes.   

All mains are Gluten Free.   Two are Dairy Free (DF)

The menu is:

1. Butter Chicken

2. Nepali Chicken Tarkari (DF)

3. Thai Green Curry (Vegetables) or Lentilicious (both DF)

4. Steamed Riced

5. Pan Fried Rotis

The cost is $20 per person.    Drinks can be purchased at the bar.  Partners welcome

Please confirm by Thursday evening if you are coming so I can let Monsoon know on Friday.   It would be good to get at least 20 as Monsoon are opening for us especially.    I will organise a sign up sheet.

Oh Amol is looking at becoming a member.  Meeting us on this night may make it easier for him to take the first step of attending a meeting at the T&C.