Deadmans Bridge

New Zealand


As mentioned at our recent meetings there has been a lot of weed spraying done around the tussock plantings done at both the north and south sides of Deadmans Bridge. The dead weeds now need to be pulled out, a very easy tug is all that will be required, then the tussocks can grow to their full potential and we will reduce the risk of a fire there.

We ask for as many helpers as possible to come along on Monday at 6PM to meet at the car park on the north side of the bridge. With a good crowd turnout we plan to pull all the weeds out in an hour and then move to The Five Stags for an hour of sharing and socialising.

Please take the time to join in on both, or one of these activities. If you are unable to pull weeds please feel very welcome to join in with everyone at The Five Stags at 7PM. These Monday nights are about Rotary fellowship among friends.