Contact: Sally Angus

New Zealand

On Monday 30th November we are planning to hold another Guess Who's coming to Dinner Event.

At this stage we are looking for people to host the meal, and we are asking for guests to save the date so that when the time comes, we have full tables :)

Information on this event for new comers...

  • Members can volunteer to host a dinner in their home. If you would like to do this please let Sally Angus know as soon as possible. We anticipate needing 5-6 hosts
  • Each host will be allocated 5-6 guests.  The guest list is randomly selected and only shared between hosts and guests a few days prior to the event - "hence the title of the event"
  • Hosts provide the two course meal . . .  ( you’ll know a week before if any of your guests have special dietary requirements)  There is no other cost to the hosts. Guests pay $25pp and bring a bottle of wine to the dinner to share
  • The guests $25 amounts are paid into the trust fund and the funds raised will go to Shelterbox this time.
  • A sign up list will be created for guests once we have enough hosts registered. 

Shelterbox will no doubt and unfortunately, need our support again as the rainy season descends onto our Pacific Island neighbours. This is fun way to offer that support.

Many thanks, see you at dinner

Kind regards