New Zealand

In keeping with the‘people of action’ catch cry and the year’s theme ‘Rotary connects the World’ It is timely tointroduce a project day. By making use of the people resource of attendees, coupled with an agreed funding amount we will be able to benefit our community agencies and organisations and raise the profile of Rotary.

The organising committee is keen to make this a grass roots style conference that is family friendly and very affordable. Rotarians are encouraged to bring children, including grown up ones, and grandchildren along to show how they are making a difference.


We are looking forward to seeing hundreds of People of Action in Balclutha and Milton for the weekend, helping out with all the community projects.
And of course we get to let our hair down on Saturday night at the conference dinner. 
This year the theme is "People of Action" - so come along as your favourite action hero, sports hero (or team for the club), stay in your hi-vis vest from your project work if you can't be bothered to get changed!
How you interpret "People of Action" is entirely up to you.