New Zealand
On Monday May 30, we’re planning the next Guess Who’s coming to Dinner event. These are fun, social get togethers for club members over a meal in private homes. There a growing number of members looking to reconnect so please give this serious consideration as a step towards more face to face meetings.
Adrienne would like to know these things by Monday, May 23 please.
1. Are you willing to host? 
2. Are you keen to be a guest? 
Hosts provide a meal for their guests. 
Guests pay $20 pp and provide a tipple of their choice. 
The funds will go towards the local Care and Friendship group who organise a meal and social time with activities and games for the local elderly, every fortnight. This is a valuable service which helps to deflect loneliness in our elderly by keeping them socially connected.
Please act now.  Let Adrienne know your prospective involvement please.