Various club members homes
Cromwell,  9310
New Zealand
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner is the return of a very successful event we organised in 
our club some years ago. We're inviting 5 people/couples to host a dinner party on Monday 
June 8 at 6.30pm and we're inviting 20 people to be guests.  Please choose one of the options.  
We have not pre-chosen people for either category ! Guests are limited to 20 at this stage so there
would be 4 guests per host. If you have dietary requirements you need to include that with your 
enrolment.  Hosts would provide the venue and meal, guests would provide the wine for the meal 
and pay $25 per head.  The proceeds will go to Ronald McDonald House in support of their Host-a-Roast 
mid winter fund-raising initiative.  A few days before the dinner, hosts will learn who they are hosting and 
guests will learn where they are dining.