New Zealand


First vocational visit of 2021 is to Hector Egger - 7-11 Old Saleyard Road, Cromwell.  Then move on to Armandos for pizza.   
Hector Egger, is an international company based out of Switzerland specialising in the prefabrication of timber construction elements for new building.  
They have built a 12 metre high, 3450m2, architecturally designed warehouse to accommodate the specialised equipment utilised by Hector Egger in Prefabrication of the respective building elements.  
They also do stand-alone houses, medium density development, multi-storey apartments, schools and commercial buildings.  They say a 150m2 family home will take appox. 6-8 weeks in design and engineering per typology, 3 days factory manufacture and 3 days on site installation to weathertight envelope.