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What a night we had at McNulty House. The weather cleared just in time and it was a beautiful warm Cromwell evening. Wine and pizza with a good crowd in the sunshine was just lovely. The fact we were also able to recognize Bernie and Helen Scoles for their work in the community and particular in Old Cromwell Town by giving them both a PHF made the evening very special. The house is a special community asset.
Talking of houses, Lot 47 is coming up for sale at the end of November. This project has seen a huge response from our community, driven largely by Doreen and Craig, who have truly motivated a huge response for goods and services. Until it is sold we have nothing but I am confident we can deliver everything we hoped for St John in Cromwell….time will tell!!
Continuing on the house theme next weekend we have the House and Garden day and a big thank you to the team that has brought that together under Paula's expert leadership. 13 wonderful properties to visit and enjoy and we are so grateful to the property owners who are happy to share their homes with us to raise funds for the K9 medical detection training scheme. We have great registrations so now hope the weather plays its part.
On a sadder note I learnt today that the Rotary National Science School has been cancelled due to Covid. You will remember we selected two outstanding candidates from the College to attend and now this opportunity has been taken away from them. However we will have some musical entertainment and a catch up with the head boy and girl from the College at our meeting on November 8. It will be a good opportunity to show the College that we are here to support our young people and for us to hear what they are up to.
That night we will also vote on the proposal to form the new Rotary District 9999 and adopt the constitution that has been circulated to you all. I have asked that you direct any questions you might have to DG Nick or me before the meeting so we can handle this procedure quickly on the night.
Sadly we have had to cancel the take a kid fishing day. There were two reasons the board made this decision. The first was a concern about  Covid protocols and could we ensure it was a safe environment and frankly the second reason was we simply did not have a member standing up to be the champion for this event. I know we are very busy but I am a bit sad I could not tempt anyone to take on this job. I am determined we will go again next year.
Finally I have been in touch with the President of the Westport Rotary Club and they are still in need of help and particularly funds to help with the flood recovery situation. Our board has agreed we will have a “Guess who is coming to dinner night” on November 29 to raise funds for this worthy cause. Adrienne will be out with details and registration soon…..let’s make this a good one for them and frankly for us!!!
Take care and enjoy spring.
Stepping Up Digital Literacy Workshops in Cromwell 
Stepping Up Digital Literacy Workshops in Cromwell 
Launch of Fundraising for Medical Detection Dogs
A group of people from Rural Women, Cromwell Lake Dunstan Lions, and Cromwell Rotary are collaborating with the K9 Medical detection unit to raise funds to support the training of a new dog to detect Ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer is a deadly threat to women,with 1 person dying of this disease every 48 hours in New Zealand.
K9 Medical Detection New Zealand uses specially trained dogs working in a controlled clinical environment to assist in the detection of cancer and other diseases. Cancers detected at an early stage are more likely to be treated successfully. Starting the treatment while the cancer is small and confined greatly improves the survival rate. While we have sophisticated laboratory diagnostic tests for many cancers, some cancers a) have no screening b) are difficult to detect and c) get diagnosed at a late stage. 
Many diseases and disease-causing agents give off volatiles (odours).  An alternative to physical screening techniques is the use of medical detection dogs to identify these compounds  released from tumours. By training dogs to detect these specific odours it is possible to minimise the spread of the disease and identify at-risk patients sooner. This enables earlier commencement of treatment, potentially leading to improved patient outcomes. 
K9 Medical Detection New Zealand has a large training facility in Dunedin. Specifically designed scent detection equipment is used for their genetically selected working dogs.
Please come along and support this very worthwhile cause at an informative and entertaining evening at the Bannockburn Hall on 31st July. Not only will you hear about the life saving work these dogs are doing from the founder of the programme,  but will be amazed by the range of  skills of local dog trainer Gary Wulff and entertainered by the up and coming duo of local brother and sister Janie and Tim Shaw who recently released their debut album Ellipsis.
Tickets available from The Gate Information Centre and are only $15pp for a great night out.
The proceeds from the Rotary House and Garden Tour  this year will also be supporting the K9 Medical Dection Dogs. Save the Date - October 30th 2021.
District 9980 and Cromwell club changeover
A great night was had at the Canyon venue at Bendigo on Saturday night when both the District 9980 and the Rotary Club of Cromwell changeovers were celebrated. 
One hundred Cromwell and District 9980 rotary members, partners and friends gathered to celebrate the completion of the year for Cromwell Rotary President, Pam Broadhead and District 9980 District Governor, Dylan Murray. Unfortunately Dylan and his partner, Rebecca, needed to Zoom in to join us from Waimate due to Covid restrictions.
We welcomed Stuart Heal in as the new Cromwell Rotary President and Nick Wood as the new District 9980 District Governor. Nick is the youngest DG in the world!
Our Lindsay and Mary McIntyre plate, which is presented to the member who best exhibits the spirit of Rotary, was awarded to Sally Angus. A very moving  presentation with Sally now living in Wanaka and having been close friends of the McIntyres.
Christine Hansen was recognised for her wide and varied contribution to our community with a PHF award.
Welcome to a new Rotary year 
Pumpkins for Polio
A great challenge from incoming District Governor Nick. Come on Cromwellians lets get ready to win!!!
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Rotary International President Shekhar Mehta joined the Rotary delegation to the 26th United Nations climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland, on 10 November to explore ways Rotary can work on environmental challenges.

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