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Neroli McRae
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Hi all
I hope you are all enjoying the well-earned freedoms of Level 2. We now appreciate the many things we took for granted pre Covid. I hope that appreciation stays with us!
We were delighted with the turnout for the Zoom meeting on Monday night - my count was 27!  Thank you to those who attended (especially those who tried out new technology). A special thanks to Sally & Richard B for sharing their experiences of Lockdown.
We have put together some activities so we can get out & see each other in person while keeping within the Level 2 restrictions. Check out Upcoming Events for the list of opportunities to catch up. I hope you can join us in at least one of them.
  • For the Zoom meeting on May 25th we are hoping to have a past RYE exchange student to give their country's perspective of Covid 19. I will send the link for this in a separate email
  • Sally is organising some dinners for 6 on June 8th. This has been a fun night in the past so check out the details by clicking on the 'Guess Who's Coming To Dinner' link in 'Upcoming Events' and sign up to either Host or Attend
  • We have made a tentative date for our first club gathering being Changeover at the end of June with the hope we will be able to have larger gatherings by then! More details as soon as we have confirmed a venue.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Warm wishes

Cromwell Rotary President
Looking ahead
Dear Rotarians
Over the coming weeks, we are going to be planning our Changeover ceremony and hoping it can be a real event in a real venue and we’ll be able to have one of those rare things called a gathering.  A changeover ceremony on Zoom doesn’t feel right, so watch this space!
Changeover will be a celebration, but on the other hand we do have a little challenge because we don’t currently have a nominee to be Club President for the following year commencing mid 2021.  This person normally would have been chosen and confirmed by December 2019.  Pam Broadhead will move into the President's role in the middle of this year, and lead the Club through till winter 2021, but we do not yet have a member willing to be President for the 2021-22 year, in spite of having canvassed widely within the club.  
Obviously if you are reading this and thinking that you would like to take on this role, then Pam or Neroli would be delighted to hear from you ;).  
As a contingency plan the current Directors are considering an alternative way of moving forward from the middle of 2021 that would involve changing the size of the President’s role, having them focusing still on being the Leader of the club and managing the business of the club, but the responsibility for running the meetings would rotate round different members of the club.  Leading each meeting could in effect be an additional duty on our roster.  It could be that the directors potentially be rostered first to create the new pattern, and then other members could be slowly added to this new rostered position.  We think this would better share the work of, and responsibility for our Club over a wider range of people and lessen the size of the Presidential role. It would also gradually draw more members into the club processes and give us all a share in, and a taste of, a fuller range of current club processes.  We see it as another stage in Rotary Cromwell’s continuing development into a club geared to face the challenges of the 2020s and beyond, and our preparedness to grow a stronger member base. 
We welcome any thoughts you might have.  The current board ends its term at the end of June this year and Pam is well prepared for her year starting this July.  The new way of running meetings would start in July next year, 2021, but if there is general support for the concept it could well be that you could see some different faces leading the meetings in the run up to the 2021 Rotary year.  Call it a little practice if you will ;)
We look forward to your ideas about our suggestion.  
Best wishes
Neroli & Pam
While we are missing our club meetings, activities and catching up with other members we are also saving a bit of money! An idea from other clubs is for members to donate money they would have been spending on meeting nights to a cause. I have 3 suggestions that cover international, our zone & local (with further information below).
If you are interested in doing this pay to the Cromwell Rotary Charitable Trust bank account:
06 0921 0098356 00

Reference: Your name  Code: As below

  • Shelter Box (code 'SHELTER')
  • Vanuatu - donation via their Rotary District  (code 'VANUATU')
  • Cromwell Food Bank  (code:  'FOOD' )
I am painfully aware of the demands being placed on us for various project funding at the present time.
However, I hope that some of you and your clubs may be in a position to assist with the NZ & Australian appeals for Vanuatu.
Could you please distribute the appropriate information below to the clubs in your District.
Many thanks for your consideration.
Kind regards
Governor 2019 – 2020                                 
Rotary District 9910
NZ Mobile:021 1475 527
As a result of Cyclone Harold, there has been widespread destruction in Vanuatu to property within the regions Luganville, Ambae, Pentecost and Malo Islands.
There is urgent need for building supplies, shelter short and long term, food and mosquito Nets
Any donations to the food bank are welcome as we use these to fund the purchases of fresh fruit and veges, which are the things people always ask for. They are the biggest expense for most families  along with meat.
Currently we are collecting food items and warehousing them as the CODC is issuing food vouchers to applicants under level 4 restrictions but we suspect we’ll get very busy as the levels decrease to 3 and then eventually to 2 when unemployment and other forms and hardship surface and we suspect, soar.
So, yes....we’d welcome any donations from Rotary, thank you. Our sincere thanks in anticipation of Rotary’s assistance.
Adrienne Heal. Food Bank
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Members help launch site so merchants can sell goods, organize supplies to make sanitizer, and provide food to health care workers.

Upcoming Events
Coffee and catch up
Old Cromwell
May 17, 2020 11:00 AM
Zoom meeting
Your place
May 25, 2020
5:30 PM – 6:30 PM
Queens Birthday - No Rotary
Jun 01, 2020
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner
Various club members homes
Jun 08, 2020
Coffee and catch up
Old Cromwell
Jun 14, 2020
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Maintenance around tree planting at Richards Beach
Richards Beach off Barry Ave
Jun 21, 2020 3:00 PM
Jun 28, 2020
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There is now a link on our page for application forms for funding from the Cromwell Rotary Club Charitable Trust and Lend a Hand (supported by our club). Please pass this on to anyone needing assistance.
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